Bulgarian Property Law

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Points you need to know
Property Law Bulgaria
If you’re looking to buy property in Bulgaria lot of planning needs to be put in place. With the right legal advice, the whole process can be handled smoothly however just like the UK, there are various charges to consider not least of all a good Bulgarian solicitor.

Property purchase in Bulgaria, is very similar to the UK in many aspects, you require Conveyancing, inspection and a considerable amount more paperwork filled in to achieve a successful property purchase.

Bulgarian Solicitors

It is a must you have access to a reliable Bulgarian solicitor to assist you, however the legal side of things is one thing, the ownership of the land is another factor too.The standard law in Bulgaria is you would be expected to be a Bulgarian citizen when it comes to property ownership, however as noted on this site, with Bulgaria due to join the EU in 2014, this may well change and the relevant restrictions lifted.

Property Law

Again, with a good solicitor, its pretty much a breeze to won a property in Bulgaria itself. The usual checks are carried out and registration etc, then the property becomes yours, the properties referred to here are commercial properties whereas an apartment or house falls into different rules.

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