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Your Solicitors in Bulgaria

GS Georgieva & Partners solicitors is a young and innovative legal services practice with offices  located in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria. We provide all commercial and general legal services specializing in Bulgaria`s economy.

We are passionate about what we do and will provide you with an expert legal advice on any matter relating to Bulgaria. No matter how big or small.

As a close knit team of Bulgarian solicitors & Lawyers, we work tirelessly to address your legal issues before they become too costly or big.  All of our team are fully conversant with all aspects of the law and the areas we cover include:

Company Registrations


Property Law

Corporate Tax Services

Commercial Services

and much more.

You will receive a dedicated, keenly priced service you can depend upon.  Our goal  is to provide you with the top results you are looking for, because the majority of our work has come through recommendations and satisfied clients and relationships.  The testimonials we placed here are just a small selection from the many more we receive regularly and that comes to show that we are best at what we do!

Our Bulgarian Lawyers are fluent in English and other languages and are highly experienced enabling them to give you the best legal advice and in addition no matter how complex your inquiry, we work with you directly with the aim of achieving the desired result.

No matter if it’s a business legal issue, a property situation or personal issue, we can help and represent you fighting your corner and furnishing you the best possible advice. Our team of Solicitors are all experts in there chosen fields so no matter what the issue, we can offer you expert guidance and representation.


It is our motto to find out what is the best for you and your interests and then relentlessly work until we make it happen!

Or to put it simply, we work to add value to your life!

That means we will be honest with you, will provide the bare truth regarding your case, will give you a detailed explanation in regards to all costs associated with the matter in question and work to achieve maximum practical result for minimum possible costs.

We insist on outstanding client care and communication with our clients and are constantly looking to hear your opinions on how we perform, or indeed other ways to provide even more value for your money!

Please feel free to contact us on BG Tel.:  +359 (0)52 604422 or on UK Tel.: +44 (0)191 640 8899 or email us at law@gsgeorgieva.co.uk

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